The curated kitchen: Goat’s milk caramel sauce

Fat Toad Farm goat’s milk caramel sauce. Creamy caramel richness with the subtle tang of goat’s milk. Incredible. 


The curated kitchen: baker’s twine

Cheery red and white stripe. Like a long, thin smile. From Regency.


The curated kitchen: fruit for Easter (and Passover)

Enough with the cake, the candy, the overwhelming sweets. Here’s a nice change of plans: an organic gift tower. An assortment of plump, organic fruits. A bottle of organic sparkling lemonade. A packet of organic trail mix. And did I mention organic? (Thanks to The Fruit Company for sending one over for us to see for ourselves.) This is a present I would welcome.

The curated kitchen: foot fetish bowl

The Celadon Footed Bowl. From Francis Palmer Pottery. Ethereally lovely. 


The curated kitchen: lemon cordial

Fresh lemon juice is combined with real zest in this refreshing cordial. Mix 1:3 with seltzer or water for a refreshing beverage. Found at Morris Kitchen. Home of lots of pretty bottles full of lots of lovely things.


The curated kitchen: peanut cocoa butter

Stone-milled dark chocolate meets fresh-roasted peanuts, wildflower honey, sea salt, and a touch of organic coconut oil. From Big Spoon roasters. Thank heavens. 

The curated kitchen: jalapeño bacon and blackberry preserves

Just in time for Easter (or, for that matter, Mother’s or Father’s Day) comes two delightful treats straight out of the heart of Tennessee. First up, a bevy, an assortment, oh hell, let’s just call it what it is, an embarrassment of meaty riches in the form of not one, not two, not even three, but four large packages stuffed with probably the best type of meat known to humanity in flavors ranging from jalapeño to Cajun. And what to have with this splendid bacon? Why biscuits and preserves. Biscuits and blackberry preserves. Biscuits and peach preserves. And, oh the riches, biscuits and strawberry preserves. All courtesy of the Loveless Cafe. Thanks y’all!

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The curated kitchen: Emile Henry pitcher

Now here is a pretty pitcher, just in time for lemonade, ice tea, sangria season: the Emile Henry 1 quart Urban pitcher. Yes, I know you think au gratin dishes and fluted casseroles and even roasters when you think Emile Henry, but I’m telling you, you need to also think pitcher. Especially this pitcher. Available in a small rainbow of soothing shades such as juniper and slate and simply perfect for dappled sunlight, it is handcrafted from burgundy clay from the Burgundy region of France. I’m so glad they sent one over for me to try. How lovely.

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Foodie book: “What is that on the Menu? A Simple Guide to French Food Words”

Ahh springtime in Paris. But what is that on the menu? Is that truffles? Or frog’s legs? Is it a lovely cheese? A delicious stew? Or even snails? What is that on the Menu? A Simple Guide to French Food Words is a list of the most popular French words and phrases with clear, simple, straightforward translations for each. Never again will you struggle to understand a French menu. Never again will you be embarrassed in front of a snooty waiter. And never again will you be surprised by what you are served. (And if you need help with Italian food, see the second book in the What is that on the Menu series: What is that on the Menu? A Simple Guide to Italian Food Words.)

The curated kitchen: retro France

Here is a truly delightful line from Rosanna: Voyage. And the best of the line is the charming French trays. Based on ephemera found by Rosanna around the world, the wee voyage porcelain trays ($12 each) are microwave and dishwasher safe and perfect for everything from petite fours to spare change. The first, below, is the TRAVEL FRANCE TRAY. The second is the AUBERGE TRAY. Ooooh la la.


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