The curated kitchen: aged balsamic vinegar

Here is the third best way to enjoy really good vinegar such as the 75 year old Balsamic Vinegar Of Reggio Emilia Gold Seal from Gourmet Foodstore or the Balsamico Tradizionale Extravecchio from Earthy Delights: drizzled, not too liberally, but not stingily either, on a single, perfect scoop of the best French vanilla ice cream you can find. Here is the second best way: drizzled, again, not too much / not too little, on a plate of gorgeous, in-season strawberries. And here is the first best way: drizzled on a plate of French vanilla ice cream topped with sliced in-season strawberries and enjoyed in an open-air cafe in a rickety chair overlooking the Mediterranean. At twilight. Of course!