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The curated kitchen: warm plates

When I was at culinary school, we warmed our dinner plates by placing them in a 200 degree (Fahrenheit) oven. It is a nice touch of luxury and a warm dish helps keep warm foods warm, longer (and, of course, cold dishes work just as nicely for cold foods). Assuming your dishes are safe to […]

The curated kitchen: the beautiful and unusual kitchen sink

Can the lowly kitchen sink be a thing of beauty? Why, yes. Yes it can. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the granite sink, as much as pleasure to use as it is to see, from Houzer. And the equally striking farmhouse sink from Vintage Tub and Bath.    

The curated kitchen: the essential mortar and pestle

There is nothing like a mortar and pestle for grinding nuts and spices, cracking peppers, and for making everything from rubs to curry to pesto. Two gorgeous options: the ceramic 1 pint mortar and pestle from the Old Faithful Shop in Vancouver. And the classic Emile Henry mortar and pestle.

The curated kitchen: the toaster goes green

When everything outside is rain and slush, we need a little green to remind us that, yes, there is spring and it will come again. The Bella 2-slice toaster comes in a range of colors and has a fun texture to go with its fun color. And the Bodum 2-slice toaster has a fun shape […]

The curated kitchen: how to make great coffee

Sure, everyone knows you need to get great beans, but did you know you also needed a great coffeemaker? Two very worth trying are the classic Chemex coffeemaker for an especially smooth cup and the Ascaso Factory Basic for the one-two punch of espresso.