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The curated kitchen: sculptural cheese tools

If you are going to have a cheese plate, then you need a cheese tools. And if you are going to have a cheese tools, then you might was well get ones that are beautiful. Such as the 3-Piece Wood-Handled Cheese Tool Set. And the 3-Piece Farmhouse Cast Iron Cheese Knife Set. Both at Crate & […]

The curated kitchen: the elegant cake stand

Take a cake, a grouping of cupcakes, even a stack of tea sandwiches and place them on a cake stand and instantly lunch becomes tea time and your hands become enmeshed in lace gloves with tiny pearl buttons. That’s the power of cake stands such as the sweet enamel square stands from Elizabeth’s Embellishments.

The curated kitchen: perfect juice glasses

You would think it would be easy to find a perfect juice glass. It isn’t. First, it has to be exactly the right height; too small, and it is awkward to drink from. Too tall and it is overwhelming. Second, it has to be exactly the right weight. Too thick and it is tiring. Too […]

The curated kitchen: salt cellar

If you are going to get a special finishing salt, then you need a special container to put it in. Such as the adorable PEWTER BIRDS SALT CELLAR from Olive & Cocoa and the hand drawn PYRAMID SALT CELLAR from Leif. Perfect. 

The curated kitchen: Baroque serving dish

From Van Ivey. Made with a rustic brown stoneware clay body, dipped in a milky white glaze, and personalize with your monogram. Finally. Dine like a queen.

The curated kitchen: Emile Henry pitcher

Now here is a pretty pitcher, just in time for lemonade, ice tea, sangria season: the Emile Henry 1 quart Urban pitcher. Yes, I know you think au gratin dishes and fluted casseroles and even roasters when you think Emile Henry, but I’m telling you, you need to also think pitcher. Especially this pitcher. Available […]

The curated kitchen: the lovely vessel

Whether it is holding golden syrup or icy water, there is nothing lovelier than a beautifully designed vessel on your table. Vessels such as the terra-cotta from Oom and the Hasami milk pitcher.  

The curated kitchen: salty salt dishes

What better a delight to offer a guest than a dash of sea salt with which to season their food. And what better way to offer it than in an exquisite salt dish such as the delicate, gourd-shaped, porcelain salt tasting dish and the handmade Meteor luxe salt dish and spoon set with its craggy, […]

The curated kitchen: cake stands

There is nothing like a cake stand to elevate the cake both literally and figuratively. Such as the Retro Stoneware Cake Stand from Nordic House. And the Bird Dessert Stands from West Elm. Let them eat cake! 

The curated kitchen: the French knives

I admit to a fondness for French knives, having an assortment in my kitchen as we speak. Of these, one of my favorites are made by Laguiole. Now, I don’t have the two I am about to introduce you to, but that shouldn’t stop me from a little show and tell. And, maybe later, it […]