The curated kitchen: “Culinary School: How to Talk Like a Chef”

If you want to talk like a chef (or, at least, understand what chefs are talking about), here’s a fun find: Culinary School: How to Talk Like a Chef. It includes chef language, from serious culinary terminology, to FOH (front-of-the-house) waiter-speak to BOH (back-of-the-house) slang. Want a taste? There’s an except after the jump.

Restaurant terminology meaning one table with two chairs. 

A knife cut where food is cut into cubes. Small dice is 1/4” square, medium dice is 3/8” square, and large dice is 5/8” square. 

Restaurant terminology meaning working two shifts in a row. 

To lightly coat food before sautéing or frying. Dredging is most frequently done with seasoned flour or bread crumbs. See Breading. 

Meat or fish that is trimmed and prepared for consumption. 

Restaurant terminology meaning to start cooking as in, “The burgers are nearly done, drop the fries.”