Yes, you do need another cookbook and I’ve got just the one

It’s so nice to like a book written by someone you know. There is no shuffling of feet when they ask what you think, no sideways glances, no incoherent mumblings. There is, simply, enthusiasm bubbling up until it results in a happy statement of fact: it is wonderful. Simply wonderful.

The book? The Gourmet Kitchen by Jennifer Farley of Savory Simple.

I don’t want to tell you too much about it; I’d much rather you read it and find out for yourself. So I will limit myself to three points.

First, the pictures will tempt you. The initial temptation, of course, will involve the licking of pages. This I do not recommend. Move on to the second temptation: the cooking of recipes. I heartily encourage you to give into this temptation both for the fun of it (and cooking is nothing, if not fun) and the delight of it (by this, of course, I refer to the eating, and, oh, what eating it will be).

(Speaking of pictures, Jen has mused about giving food photography classes. If she does, run, do not walk, to take them. The woman is a poet with a camera.)

Second, let me introduce you to my catch words these days: simplicity and ease, for who has time or strength for anything else? Luckily, these recipes lean toward both. Ingredient lists tend toward less items : more flavor (Don’t believe me? Try whipping up a batch of Jennifer’s Maple Soy Glazed Salmon. Better still, invite me over when you do.). Instructions offer just the right tips in just the right places. And headnotes offer just enough insight to light the way.

And, third, you jaded cook, you, if you think you have seen everything when it comes to recipes, think again. There are surprises sprinkled, like delicious fairy dust, throughout. Surprises that will have you, if you are anything like me, slapping a hand against your forehead. Let me give you an example: Concord Grape Curd. There, on page 222, it sits in all its purple glory. Who knew you could do such a thing with Concord grapes? Suddenly, lemon curd pales, both literally and figuratively, in comparison.

Enough. Go to your bookstore, your internet, your wherever you shop for cookbooks, and see for yourself. Then you, too, will say The Gourmet Kitchen is wonderful. Simply wonderful.