Sur la Table: My Hero

I volunteer as chef for Cooking Matters, a non-profit that teaches those in need about nutrition and cooking. To teach knife skills, I wanted my class to make onion soup. Which meant I needed oven-proof bowls. Cooking Matters didn’t have any. No problem, I said, I have a contact at Sur la Table.

My contact was gone.

But that didn’t stop Sur la Table (and their wonderful PR representative, Jamie Evans, from their PR firm: MBooth). With only a few slim days between my request and my class, Jamie got the approval, got the bowls, and sent them to our class.

And, boy, was Sur la Table generous. Because I didn’t ask for a few bowls; I asked for 40 bowls.

Thank you Sur la Table for donating 40 oven-proof bowls so I could teach a full class of seniors in need how to make soup. I am grateful; they are grateful.

We couldn’t have done it without you.